UPSC Game Schedules

(to be updated Aug/Sept 2018)

Game schedules for UPSC teams can be found via the links below. Keep in mind that UPSC only has control over the time and venue for our home games on any given weekend. Which teams play on which weekends are governed by the various leagues that our teams play in. Once that has been established our Games Chair schedules our home games based on the availability of our fields and how many games we need to accommodate that weekend.

Please be aware that game times and venues change frequently throughout the season, often with short notice, and those changes may not be immediately reflected in the copy of the schedule posted here.

Opposing Coaches and Managers: Please note that the game times and locations listed here may not reflect your specific game accurately. Confirm all games with the contact for the UPSC team you are playing. Team contacts can be found here. Games chair contact information found here.

UPSC Coaches and Managers: Please check the schedule regularly and alert the Games Chair of any discrepancies you note. It is your responsibility to inform your opposing coach of the game time and venue at least three days prior to your game.

If you wish to change a game time or venue please send your request to Game Change Request. Please use the following format in your email:

Team Name:
Gender / Age:
League Division:
Current Scheduled Date:
Current Scheduled Time:
Requested Date:
Requested Time:
Requested Field:

Remember that any changes to scheduled game times or venues will not be official until they have been approved by the Games Chair and Referee Coordinator. Failure to follow this process may result in your field not being available to you when you want to play.

If your team is missing a particular date on the home schedules below, it likely means that will be an away game that we do not have a time or location information for that game.

Teams playing in SSUL or NPSL click here

Teams playing in PCSA click here

U6 click here.

For the latest updates on away schedules, check our affiliation links below.

For Pierce County Soccer (PCSA) schedule information click here.

For South Sound United League (SSUL) schedule information click here.

For North Puget Sound League (NPSL) schedule information click here.