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The primary documents that govern the practices of the University Place Soccer Club are our constitution and bylaws. A link to each of those documents can be found to the right. In addition the club has a number of policies and practices that govern its day to day operations. Below is a list of links to policy statements that have been adopted by the UPSC Executive Board and Board of Directors, which cover a number of topics. These policy statements do not cover all the activities of the club but they do attempt to cover the major issues that affect the club's operations and those of its member teams. Please keep in mind that these policy statements are general guidelines for the club. They are not hard and fast rules or regulations. The Executive Board, and each of the appointed committee chairmen, reserve the right to deviate from these policies from time to time when doing so is in the best interest of UPSC and its member teams.

UPSC Constitution

UPSC Bylaws

USC Articles of Amendment

Membership Policy Statement

Fields Policy Statement

Sideline Behavior Policy Statement

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