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Information on local coaching clinics, tournaments, and jamborees can be found on the Pierce County Soccer web site.

Referee clinics and education can be found on the PCSRA web site.

Coaching licensing and modules can be found in the coaches section on the Washington Youth Soccer web site.

Coaching Drills


A search of the Internet turns up many useful websites with soccer drills. To assist the new 'parent/volunteer' Coach and yes even the experienced coach with years of coaching under their belt.

All website listed offer drills and practice advice FREE of CHARGE!

  • Preplanned Soccer Practices for all ages. Includes information on pre practice warm-ups.
  • Soccer-for-Parents... this is a great site in that there are links to other State Associations that list soccer drills and practices.
  • SoccerXpert .... Yes we know this is a duplicated link. The information contained in this website is worth a duplicated link.
  • SoccerDrillBoook... Great sight in that you can access videos using the Coerver method of teaching soccer and ball control. Just select from the left side menu the area you want to concentrate on and you will have some great ideas for practices.

So if you pick just one of the websites and read through the drills offered, you should have enough drills and instructional material to last all season. Enjoy!